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The responsible and wise use of the funds entrusted to the Endowment Fund is of the utmost importance. Every effort has been made to ensure funds are used as intended.


Funds will be disbursed by and in the same manner as currently employed by The Commission on Central Conference Theological Education. United Methodist Theological Schools and Boards of Ordained Ministry may apply for a grant, which will be awarded annually. Each awardee will be required to submit a written report annually and at the end of the grant period. The Commission will publicize the following statistics on an annual basis:

  • Total number of and dollar amount of grants awarded

  • Total number of and dollar amount of grants not awarded due to lack of funds

  • Total number of new students receiving theological training

  • Number of scholarships awarded

  • Number of new clergy trained

  • Number of new faculty trained

  • Number of new programs developed

  • Number of program countries

  • Anecdotal stories of success from each region

  • Analysis illustrating that funds are being used as intended


Reports will be published online to ensure transparency and accountability.

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