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Anne Detjen of Germany talks about overcoming obstacles to become a church leader in a secular country.

Reverend Dr Kabuita Kayomb of Zambia explains how theological education helps him make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Muriel Victoria Nelson of Liberia discusses the need for theological education in Africa.

Daniel Sjanta of Serbia talks about the role of pastors in communities.

Laslo Kaled of Hungary talks about how the e-Academy provides training in a country with no UMC seminaries.

Betty Spiwe Katiyo of Zimbabwe talks about the need for trained pastors in a rapidly growing church.

Jonavern Lungub of the Philippines talks about the power of the UMC connection and how support from laity helped him through seminary.

Simon Mafunda explains the urgent need for trained pastors to minister to the growing church in Zimbabwe.

Reverend Pastor Kombi Ramazani of Congo explains the critical reasons why theological education is needed.

Stefan Schröckenfuchs of Austria talks about expectations of pastors and the importance of Methodist studies as part of theological education.

Julio Vilanculos of Mozambique disusses the important role pastors play in transforming lives.

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